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Pestalozzi: Amazing life of Amazing Man

You know Henry Ford made cars and raised money. Had his falls, became a legend.

There was another man, much much earlier named Johann  Pestalozzi. He raised children and made from them people.

He had his bitter falls and raised to higher human highs.


Absolutely amazing and educative life of the Teacher. His life teaches you itself. After fifty he was just a teacher deputy in village school. It didn’t stop him. Some years later he already  argued with Imperator Napoleon. Absolutely amazing. Greatly advise:  Pestalozzi: His Life, Work, and Influence (Classic Reprint)

Igor Maslennikov is a strange guy.

You probably heard about Russian Sherlock Holmes series by Igor Maslennikov.
He is a ambiguous person. I love only one his movie. But I love it greatly.
Sherlock Holmes by Igor Maslennikov is a paragon (for me). Absolutely brilliant movie. Sherlok Holms i doktor Vatson. 1979-1986. Pyat rezhisserskih stsenariev Igorya Maslennikova (language: Russian).

Many people think the same. Maslennikov writes in his book, some people even asked him how (such nonentity) could make such a wonderful movie.
It’s a riddle for many.
I read his reminiscences. I can say I don’t like his way of putting words. (He is a philologist. He says Conan Doyle is a weak as an word-maker and I think weak is Igor, (and not Doyle).
He had a friendship and worked together with big names on Russian cinema and Theater. But no one called him a genius.

The explanation is probably in his very strong team. He made weak movies and gathered strong people. He found great composer, he made friendship with great screen players.
But what is the main riddle. His first Sherlock series movie was written by Dunskoy and Frid, well-known screen writers, very respectable heavyweight persons. Next Sherlock Holmes movie was written by Valutskiy also a good screen writer. BUT Hound of Baskervilles was written by Igor Maslenniknov himself! And many think there is the best movie from all series.

This is a miracle. No one understands HOW. Igor Maslennikov is a mediocrity? Probably not. He is just like a boxer with no flashy style. You don’t see how he does it but he could get down Mike Tyson. Some quiet spade work. Some knowledge.

He said very interesting thing. Tarkovsky made some harm to cinema makers. Many people tried “to become Tarkovsky” and became a bad screen writers and movie makers. (You can not be just an ordinary movie man and “Tarkovsky” at the same time). I guess, he is a very very able craftsman. And… there is something in it. There is a lesson.

Einstein: His Life and Universe

“Einstein: His Life and Universe” by Walter Isaacson. I waited to know something about space time, relativity, space geometry and such things. No way. This book is not about Relativity. This is a book about Albert Einstein. It’s his biography.

At first I was a little angry I am not getting any sci stuff. Just Einstein Einstein Einstein. His relatives (kinsfolk) his relation to religion his relation to different states. Then I get used to it and became an intent listener. The book Einstein: His Life and Universe written (and read) in good style. You see, an author, Walter Isaacson is a clever good writing and probably unbiased fellow.

I feel no any bore reading the book. Sometime I was not sure this is no fairy tale or concocted joke about Einstein. But I guess author fact checked all the stuff. Book is an interesting. Very balanced. Not very sketchy and not very diffuse. It caught me. I am glad I read the book. There is no waste of time. It’s not like you talked with Einstein or become his friend but a neighbor looking every day at him over fence and greeting him every morning.

The book could have a name Einstein: his personality and general ideas in life. After reading this book you will know much more about Einstein as of a man. I have got new approvals of his integrity, humanism and “rebel” non-conformist way. It’s a pleasure to mark his ideas are much in chime with my own. Also there is no any condescending way like: “Oh Einstein is such a child in politics and in human relations”, or “Oh, he became old and made many mistakes”. That’s a right way. My respect to an author, Walter Isaacson. If you are listening audio books in a car and love science and scientific fellows the book Einstein: His Life and Universe is for you. It’s very suitable for such way of listening. Not boring, inspiring, kind as Albert no doubt was himself.

Robert Sheckley – Immortality Inc.

I listened that thing. Sheckley that my opinion is one of the most underestimated authors. His Immortality, Inc. is very prophetic. Every time I heard some bad news on Air the word Immortality flashes in my mind.

There was one movie about the thing, but pity weak one. They tried to improve and save the screen play but made only worse. The book – the book is brilliant. It reminds “La Decima Vittima” (Tenth Victim) by Tonino Guerra‘s screen play feat Marcello Mastroianni (there are so many cool cool pics, I don’t know what to insert, so just glance yourself). The Cult Movie.  You can say all-star movie. Great names made great job in that case. By the by, original story written by Robert Sheckley. “Seventh Victim” was the name. You see sci-fi  authors often use their ideas multiple times. The two things Immortality and Seventh Victim chime in but… just read Immortality.

Last night I was executed by wordpress robot. (By miracle they canceled their own judgment, my luck for the time). So I would not tell about the plot of the Immortality Inc. It’s just what in news every day about. There something about killing innocent people, death and forfeit. Very up-to-date thing. Sheckley is cool. Big Man. I guess there are may be some flaws in literature form of the story, it’s a bit uneven for my glance. But the ideas are very powerful clear and sharp. There is also some detective suspense of course.


Eldar Ryazanov. Unsummarized conclusions.

Probably it’s a little idiotic to write in English and advice to read the book which was written in Russian but all the way. The book is good.

I didn’t love Eldar Ryazanov by the same reason why I didn’t love Tolstoy. He likes to say too many words. Not my manner. But I was curious and, yes, I read his reminiscences Eldar Ryazanov. Nepodvedennye Itogi (First edition) / Unsummarized conclusions (Russian Edition). I say Eldar is really clever intellectual hard worker.  If you think about screen writing movie producing and about making films in general it would be extremely interesting to read how The Master did it.


I read it like a detective story. He revealed all inner motives of his personages. His manner of writing is a dialogue. He doesn’t write, he talks to you. He narrates in friendly open manner about his movies ideas plots and realizations. Great Mind talking to you about world creation. This is just the book I would wish to read from film maker.

I understand also from the book. Eldar Ryazanov is a very strong with much integrity personality. His autobiography is cool by itself. He is self made man. He is clever. He is kind and thinking about humanity. He is much reader. He is a producer with very strong will. He knows what he wants and doesn’t like when someone trying to play fool with him. And he has his own glance at the world. Personality.

He doesn’t hide his political views. He says he would like to live in capitalistic Russia, he says The Soviets took all bad and mean what was in Czarist Russia. He is very hot about despotism. I guess he would agree with Einstein who said that without freedom there is no creativity. The idea was clear to him.

I very glad my meeting with Eldar Ryazanov. It seems like I met with him and he talked with me about his intimate aspirations, and mind that he is man of action. Successful in every aspect theatrical screen writer, movie screen writer and producer, poet. A man who knew and could appreciate people. He knew a value of each man. He found and give road to a big screen to many Movie Stars who wasn’t any stars at all before meeting him. He is a Creator, a Founder, an Explorer. Very inspiring book. I am glad I read it.